Thinking about getting a business mentor?

We are lucky to have WildTomato here in our region. 

This article shows the benefits of signing up with a Business Mentor though us here at NTBT.

They have interviewed Sarah from NTBT, Brian from the Business Trust Marlborough on the process that takes place, from the first meeting to being matched with a suitable mentor.

We have a wide range of mentors here with NTBT.

Check out the article, then drop us an email to book in your free one our meeting with Sarah and get that Mentor ball rolling.

We're looking forward to hearing from you - Sarah and Rosey


Carey Fletcher

Carey Fletcher

Thank goodness I found you! I am thinking about purchasing an existing business. It is a sole operator run from home and I am a complete novice for business set up. Any advice is welcome. I have a head full of questions and I dont know where to start. Please help Kind regards Carey

8 March 20196:56

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